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I learned the hard way with high insurance deductibles. Recently I was faced with an emergency and the facility required payment up front. I have a high deductible that hadn’t been met. I didn’t have the money available at the time, but my doctor offered me a financial option called CarePayUSA and explained they could arrange for me to stretch my payments out over 12 months.

Terry M — Centennial, Colorado

After 35 years in practice I’m working 3 times harder to make the same income I made a decade ago due to decreased insurance reimbursement for services rendered and the fact that 64% of patients forego care because they can’t afford their out of pocket expenses because of outrageously high deductibles.
CarePayUSA has given me the tools necessary to increase my income and retain patients through their interest-free patient Coverage program and seamless insurance verification system.
Instead of letting business walk out the door because the patient can’t afford to pay for the services they require, we give them a simple payment solution through CarePayUSA to stretch those expenses out over 6, 9, or even 12 months interest-free.
CarePayUSA has significantly increased our bottom line because they approve 95% of applicants so we never lose revenue due to a patient’s inability to pay and keeps our staff off the phone with insurance companies, so they can do more productive work. The customer service reps are knowledgeable, and the website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Dr. David Burgress
Orthopedic Tech
Englewood, CO

We were paying almost $3,100 a month in Merchant Card fees to VISA and MC now we pay Zero! Great Program-wish we knew about before now.

Mark Z
Diagnostic Screening
Los Angeles, California